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Full Circle Goat Co. presents: 

"The Dog Bar"


What is "The Dog Bar"? 

Full Circle Goat Co. soaps are homemade in small batches with the best ingredients to ensure the highest quality. We are excited to introduce our newest product for your best friend! Our "Dog Bar" was created specifically for your dogs' skin needs in mind. Made with natural ingredients this beneficial soap is something you can feel good about including in your pets routine. For anyone who wants the best for their best friends.

Why goats milk for your dog?

  • All Natural Ingredients 

  • Moisturizes Skin 

  • Soft and Healthy Coat 

  • Lessen itchy, sore, dry skin 

  • Good for all dog breeds 

Where Can I Purchase this Soap?

  • Here online!

    • Click on "Shop" Button below​​

  • Local Veterinary Offices 

  • Animal Chiropractor Practices 

  • Dog Training Facilities 

  • Independent Trainers 

  • Pet Grooming Services

  • Local Stores 

    • Kingfisher Coffee House

*Will update with specific places to purchase 

The Original, YODA Bar 

Our original soap bar was created for a dog named Yoda. His owner Sharon Binkey of Ligonier reached out to me with concerns over her dogs dry and itchy skin. Sharon was in search of product that could help him. Both of us, being animal enthusiasts put our heads together to create a recipe that would help Yoda heal in a holistic way. By combining beneficial ingredients such as natural oils and rich goats milk this bar of soap helped soothe Yoda's inflamed skin just by taking a bath. 

In summary

Full Circle Goat Co's "Dog Bar" is for dog owners looking for a high quality, natural ingredient soap bar, hand milked and homemade. Specifically formulated recipe to help with your dogs dry, itchy skin. This could be the option for your pets needs. Your dog does not need to be suffering from skin ailments to enjoy the benefits of this soap, I use it on my own two dogs! 

Huge Thanks from FCGCo. 

 Thanks to Yoda and his mom Sharon for the collaboration of ideas to create "The Dog Bar"! Thank you to all animal lovers and vendors for your support!  

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